Mondays are for gratitude

I often feel like I get in a bit of a slump on Mondays. The world is gone from home and back to work for another week, the kids have most likely gone to school (today is summer and they have gone to the pool), CH is feeling miserable from over doing it on the weekend and I am left with myself.

Sometimes it is fabulous and I get shit done like nobody’s business… other times, not so much.

In my quest to make $1 from my blog before the end of 2014, I came across (via passion fruit ads) a blog that features a Mondays are for Gratitude post each week. I thought it was a great idea and that each week I would join her and I would post about what I was grateful for.

So here goes.

Mondays are for Gratitude

This week I am grateful for friendships. New and old.

I am grateful for Krista, for without all that she has done for me I would not have this lovely blog! I cannot remember not knowing who she was – small towns are like that and our Dad’s worked together – but becoming friends, as adults, has been fabulous. She is smart, talented, funny and extremely creative. When I am with her my heart races and my head feels as if it might explode with all of the creative buzz we generate.

I am grateful to Andrea for kicking my bum about staying true to myself and for providing me with the lovely photo for this post. ;) She is the kind of friend that you do not see often but never have trouble picking up where you left off with and laughing until your sides hurt. I miss our lunches!!

I am grateful for Jen for tirelessly being my biggest fan – and my biggest help. All that for a cup of coffee, an occasional meal and heartfelt gratitude! She totally deserves credit for getting me as far as I am with Something Sweet. She nags me just the right amount and always comes along for the ride.

I am grateful for Jess. For being brave in her own life and for loving me in a way that reminds me that true friendship is something that you feel in your bones and that lasts though time and distant and in good times and bad.

I am grateful for CH. I always tell him that I do not like him. We both know it is not true. He supports me fully. He can always be relied upon to be calm when I am not. He is the guy who never says no to giving you a ride or running to the store but never has a suggestion for dinner. He is the guy who gets up with the kids when they have nightmares or have thrown up all over their beds while I sleep peacefully. The guy who is willing to go along for the ride (and even be the driver) no matter where I want to go. I actually kind of love him, but shhh. ;)

I would love to hear something that you are grateful for.


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    This is great! It’s awesome to show gratitude. I always feel better after writing up these posts. I hope you continue posting every Monday!

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