Mondays are for gratitude

This Monday I am grateful for more comments on this new little blog of mine in just a few posts than I got the entire time I blogged on my old blog – which was 415 posts over 3 years! It is so gratifying to have people engage – I am LOVING it!!

up-cycled purse

I am most definitely grateful for my beautiful, sweet, sensitive, kind, loving, silly, crazy-when-she-is-tired daughter, Victoria, affectionately referred to as Penelope. She makes an excellent model when she wants to.

My beautiful daughter, Penelope.

My beautiful daughter, Penelope.

Today I spent a little time at the park with Penelope and her Besty taking some photos of my bags to try to get them on Etsy. It was fun, Penelope was in a mood and acting like a goof ball Besty was slightly more co-operative.

Upcycled owl purses from Something Sweet Creative Studio

Penelope and Bestie.
Medium Owls bags, turquoise made from a pair of pants, mint made from a sweater.

My Girls with upcycled owl purses

I am grateful for my new iPhone 5S and it’s fabulous built in camera – I would love to be one of those people who carries a camera with them everywhere taking amazing photos but I am one of those people who takes their phone with them everywhere and sometimes flukes out! ;)

I am grateful that CH is outside fixing our gate after – literally – months of having a very classy piece of plywood keeping the dogs in. I am not going to miss that plywood but will admit I am a little concerned what he is going to come up with. We really need a whole new fence but it is going to have to wait until next year and when we build it, I will be very, very grateful!


P.S. The Mondays are for gratitude bag is made from a pair of pants, a sweater (the pocket flap) and new Art Gallery fabric using pattern that I purchased (gasp) from Noodlehead. All the bags in this post are for sale and may or may not make it onto Etsy (more likely not but one can dream). If you are interested in purchasing them or others like them please contact me or visit my Facebook page. Thank you – I am so grateful! ;)

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  1. 1

    These are wonderful! Those bags are really cute too :)

  2. 3

    I just wanted to say a hello for I really enjoyed visiting your blog today. I linked by way of the Vendor list at the Kootenay Festival website. What a beautiful day to be part of this event..
    I personally found, that immediately -upon taking a look at your (current) post- one could not help but note the (glee!) that showed obvious in the girls’ portraits.. What an awesome memory that was likely created with the kids having pose with the lovely lovely purses/(ultimately to assist you,,)/being meant for publication on the Etsy.. That would’ve been exciting to be part of, i think… You made me feel very happy to have visited your web page, Tina. ..Enjoy very much, rest of summer,, i will try visit your blog more now that i did find it/i enjoyed your very readable written word. xo

    • 4

      Thank you so much for the kind words and telling me how you found me. I love comments and love knowing how people found me! Love! Maybe we will see you at the Kootenay Festival today! :D

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