Mondays are for gratitude

Honestly, I am almost shocked that it is Monday again! I had a really really busy week – I normally work three days a week and last week I worked five – which is great for my pay cheque but totally messes up my creative endeavours (and okay my housework too) for the week.

Mondays are for gratitude owl family

I am grateful for my car breaking down because I was stuck at home all weekend and therefore did not spend any money.  Always a good thing. I am grateful that it is not our only vehicle and that if I choose to repair it I can get it done at work by guys I know I can trust.

I am grateful for Penelope on her way to recovering from having pneumonia – we are both looking forward to her full recovery so we start to enjoy our summer the way that Kootenay summers are meant to be enjoyed – camping or at the beach!

I am grateful for today’s rain. It was 45 yesterday (which is 113 in the good old US of A), and that is just a little to warm for me. Plus a rainy day means that I do not need to water today. :)

Baby owls from Something Sweet Creative Studio

I am grateful for my sewing skills.  It is an escape for me and it provides me with a bit more income each month. I can’t wait to get to it today!

Have a wonderful day – I hope that you are enjoying your summer!


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  1. 1

    OH my goodness, those little owls are adorable!!! I love them!

  2. 3

    I work about 3 days a week as well and I LOVE having those two days in the house to myself. I don’t know how I would stay on top of laundry, dishes, dinner and sewing projects without them. I love that you take a moment to reflect on the good things on Monday. It’s a great reminder for me to do the same. Focusing on the positive was one of my big resolutions this year.

    <3 Lindsey

    • 4

      Some weeks a remind of what there is to be grateful for is the boost I need to to head into the next week! I love being at home – not to say I don’t love my job but I really love being at home and creating. I wish (and hope one day!) to blog and sew so much I do not have to work those three days! Sigh. Wishful thinking. 😉

  3. 5

    Those owls are so cute!!!!!!! Did you make them?

  4. 7

    Such a good reminder. Counting those little blessings, can make the work seem so much brighter. Adorable little owls!

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