terrible blogger

So… clearly I am not going to be good at this 52 weeks of Pinterest business…

I am going to give an excuse – I am busy and winter sucks.

It is so hard for me to get the most out of my days this time of year and with now working close to full time and still keeping up my sewing schedule I am not finding to time to spend hours over creating beautiful blog posts.  Sigh. That is my reason and my excuse!

I am, a terrible blogger. I could promise to try harder. But… we both know that it might last for a while but it wouldn’t last forever.  It would be nice.  I would love to quit one or two of my four jobs to focus full time on sewing, selling and writing but in reality…. well, life is too expensive.

So until I get my poop in a group again to write you a couple of witty lines, a photo of some owls, that I loved and lost, for your viewing pleasure. :)

Stuffed owls

Stuffed owls from Up-Cycled Clothes

Until the next time – adios! ;)




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happy new year

Happy New Year everyone!

2014 was great. I did so much but there is so much that I never got around to as I was just SO busy – 2015 is the year (hopefully) for those things. I have so many plans – as always one of them is to grow my blog.

Going to start the year off with a new Pinterest ritual. Once a week I am going to make a point to use a Pin. I have done this before on my old blog and I loved it. It kept me on my creative toes and forced me to use some of the fabulous information I have been hoarding.

52 Weeks of Pinterst

Every year on Christmas morning after the wrapping paper has been slaughtered and the remains cleared away, we have breakfast with CH’s side of our extended family at our home (we do dinner at my parents).

This year I wanted to do something a little different than the ham and eggs we normally feast upon (although we had that too!).

I tried this delicious crock pot cinnamon roll casserole, from Recipes that Crock. It was really yummy but next time I need to use a smaller crock pot and maybe use some extra icing. If you have ever had a Cinnamelt from McDonald’s and enjoyed it, you are going to like this even more.

It was a hit with the extended family, of course Penelope and my two little nephews would not try it but that is okay – more for those who liked it!

It is worth noting that CH was kind enough to get up at 5am to turn on the crock pot. Thank you for that!

I think next time I will make it for brunch and have it and some nice hot tea…  mmmm.  Sounds good, right?

Cinnamon Roll Casserole{via}

What are your Christmas breakfast traditions? Or do you skip breakfast and wait out the big feast at dinner?

I would love to hear your Christmas morning story!

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back on the bus

It is more than time for me to get back to my beautiful blog.

I am not intending to make excuses – I will be honest – I have been obsessed with sewing and not doing much else of anything for the last few months. Granted the sewing has been with a purpose as I have been actively selling what I have made but, my house is a disaster, I have not been excising, the books are piling up next to the bed, my “junk” room is full to the brim… did I mention my house is a disaster??

Anyway, in November I started a second pay cheque getting kind of a job and although I really (I mean REALLY) loathed the idea of giving up more of my time at something I did not create myself (my children or my creative business), I realize now how much I needed it because since I started, I feel GREAT!

That might be due in part to the job that it is, I am working with the Greater Trail Hospice Society as the Volunteer Coordinator. What does that mean?

I am the liaison between our amazing pool of volunteers and the clients we have who are in need. In some cases, it is to alleviate the families minds when a patient is unaware and near death, sometimes it is for the patient. It is a job where I am chatting all day while actively helping people. And I get paid for it. Sounds great, right?

So, I thought I would start the New Year off with some showing off – things I have made, things I Pinned and actually did… sounds good, right?!

I recently purchased a table top photo studio from Julius Studios and it is amazing and will totally help with all that I do here. I am pretty excited to really get started…


This is my only test. Dark room, no editing – I am pretty happy with it and am SO looking forward to finally having some beautiful shots for Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest and wherever else I can (show off ;) ) sell my little owls!

Chat soon. x

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Mondays are for gratitude

After a very short (seemingly), VERY busy (for real) Summer and Autumn I finally feel as if I have the time to pop my head up and get back to blogging.

I will admit, I have missed the different sort of creativity that blogging is from sewing, which I have been doing so, so much of this year. I am not complaining. I love doing it and I love, even more, the compliment of a purchase. Honestly, every single sale is a compliment to me… well maybe the tiny owl I sold yesterday to a nice little lady for her cat wasn’t so much….

I realized when I sat down to write a post today that as the Summer progressed and I got further from posting, I had taken fewer photos which means to me that I was looking at my surroundings a little less creatively. I am so happy to be writing today, knowing what it does for my view of the world around me.

This Monday I am grateful for the abundance of love I have in my life and the luck I have to be a creative person who is achieving some success pursuing what I love to do and that I have so many wonderful people in my life! I am truly blessed with amazing relationships and am so, so thankful!

Summary of Summer

Summary of my Summer

Hope you can find a way to be grateful in your Monday ~

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Mondays are for gratitude

This Monday I am grateful for more comments on this new little blog of mine in just a few posts than I got the entire time I blogged on my old blog – which was 415 posts over 3 years! It is so gratifying to have people engage – I am LOVING it!!

up-cycled purse

I am most definitely grateful for my beautiful, sweet, sensitive, kind, loving, silly, crazy-when-she-is-tired daughter, Victoria, affectionately referred to as Penelope. She makes an excellent model when she wants to.

My beautiful daughter, Penelope.

My beautiful daughter, Penelope.

Today I spent a little time at the park with Penelope and her Besty taking some photos of my bags to try to get them on Etsy. It was fun, Penelope was in a mood and acting like a goof ball Besty was slightly more co-operative.

Upcycled owl purses from Something Sweet Creative Studio

Penelope and Bestie.
Medium Owls bags, turquoise made from a pair of pants, mint made from a sweater.

My Girls with upcycled owl purses

I am grateful for my new iPhone 5S and it’s fabulous built in camera – I would love to be one of those people who carries a camera with them everywhere taking amazing photos but I am one of those people who takes their phone with them everywhere and sometimes flukes out! ;)

I am grateful that CH is outside fixing our gate after – literally – months of having a very classy piece of plywood keeping the dogs in. I am not going to miss that plywood but will admit I am a little concerned what he is going to come up with. We really need a whole new fence but it is going to have to wait until next year and when we build it, I will be very, very grateful!


P.S. The Mondays are for gratitude bag is made from a pair of pants, a sweater (the pocket flap) and new Art Gallery fabric using pattern that I purchased (gasp) from Noodlehead. All the bags in this post are for sale and may or may not make it onto Etsy (more likely not but one can dream). If you are interested in purchasing them or others like them please contact me or visit my Facebook page. Thank you – I am so grateful! ;)

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